Not all copywriting is as sexy as black leather boots.

Often, precision takes priority. Say 25-word copy for a marketing mailer about free checking.

And clarity rides shotgun in 75-word copy for a fly sheet needed to introduce a magazine’s new format.

Or, tweaking a call to action to better connect, from, “Schedule a call with someone on our team,” (which accidentally implies, “Schedule a call with just any old someone on our team”) to, “Our team is here for you. Schedule a free call today.” 

Not sexy, per se, though crisp, clean and effective.

Ahh. But some copywriting is.

I can see the periodic smirk on your face though, as you skirt the far side of that line now and then ...
— recent conversation with a colleague

The Heat of Strategic Enticement

Sparking thought, bringing a quickening pulse and persuasion to the table, meet content’s older, taller, more-direct cousin: Copy.  

Seducing audiences with join-in opportunities and positioning products with precision in the strategic dance of selling, copywriting is the marketing femme fatale that can leave your audience breathless and  wanting (to buy, join, donate) more.

A Writer Who Walks the Line: FTW

Expertly moving between corporate professionalism and creative connection, contact Jen at Feel These Words for copywriting.


Advertising Copy 

  • Billboards

  • Display Ads

  • Infographics

  • Product Description

  • Flyers

  • Signage

  • Brochures

  • Radio spots

  • Press kits

Marketing and Business Communications

  • Branded content feature articles

  • Website text

  • Direct mail

  • White papers

  • Email marketing

  • Newsletters, internal and external

  • Blogs

  • e-Books

  • Speech writing



Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – McLaren Bay Region, client with The F. P. Horak Company. Three-touch mailer campaign, social media ads, billboard messaging, radio spots. Recognized with Silver award from American Advertising Federation (AAF) – Great Lakes Bay Region.

Press Kit for Port Chilkoot Distillery – client with Innovative Media + Design. Introducing Southeast Alaska’s first distillery, product description.

Connect” Marketing Book– Glatfelter, global supplier of specialty papers, client with The F. P. Horak Company. Forty-page marketing book displaying multiple uses for varying paper selections. Winner of Gold Star Award from the AAF – Great Lakes Bay Region.

Mini-Connect – Glatfelter, global supplier of specialty papers, client with The F. P. Horak Company. Hand-held sales book with informative copy and specs on paper pricing. Winner of Gold Star Award from AAF – Great Lakes Bay Region.

Infographic-style ad copy – Millcraft’s custom publication InStock magazine, client with The F. P. Horak Company.

Ad Copy – Great Lakes Bay Publishing, former internal division of The F. P. Horak Company. Advertisement for custom publication services.

WEBSITES – Uptown Bay City development project of Shaheen Development, client with The F. P.Horak Company: Live, Work, Play, About, Development Kit – Mill End development project, client with Innovative Media + Design: Home, Development Team, Our Location, History of Mill End, Features – Arrow Strategies, talent acquisition client with The F.P.Horak Company: Solutions, Talents, Culture, Insights, About

*For samples relevant to a specific style and/or subject matter, contact Jen.