Slow Down, Sassafras

Listen, passionate entrepreneur. You’re ten feet ahead of yourself, always, when what you actually need in order to grow your business is concrete know-how underneath your dreamy feet.


Fifteen years into the profession of writing,
I’ve found that the bottom line in business is relationships,
and I write to connect.

When I realized that I needed support for my website, it was a no-brainer to come to Jen for her captivating and conversion-worthy copy. She has a way of capturing the energy behind the words that allows for an emotional connection to be made and communicated. Jen expressed my work in my website copy in a way that is both emotionally engaging and crystal clear in its delivery. I am so grateful to have a wing-woman writer like her.
— Kate K. McCarthy, holistic business coach & founder of A Braver Brand ™

“You have witchcraft in your lips.”

~ Ask me about this quote when we talk

What’s That Something Special About You & Your Business?

Your professional prowess and unique experiences are your path to prosperity.

let’s dive below your surface to define yours & put the power of personal to work for you.

Because business is personal.  

And the key to conversion? Genuine connection.

So while the Internet is loud and clamoring with businesses shouting to get heard (and you’re banging your head and pounding your brain trying to figure out what to say, what to say, what to say to rise above the noise) it’s who you already are—the parts of your story you’re already breathing, the business mission you’re already invested heart-deep in and knuckle grinding on the daily to bring to life—that’s truly your magic in the making.

You just need the right writer to show you your strengths for what they really are & how to relay them.

Take a step back, I know there’s a lot of moving parts, and I know deeply that you want to succeed. Breathe …  

You need the writer who can draw out the essence of your business, define the elements of what makes your message stand out, and write the words you need or show you how to (crack the static and speak your soul-decibels) connect with the audience you’re looking to talk with.

Here’s how.