Content Writing

When it comes to blogging and content writing, Jen is a breath of fresh air. She has an incredible sense of how to weave a beautiful story, while making content feel personal and perfectly relatable.
— Blair Cook, founder and creative director at Brandscape


“What are your thoughts on content writing?”

asks Jen W. O’Deay, writer at Feel These Words.

You: I believe content stands to inform.
Me: Great! We agree, though I’ll quickly add this sentiment toward content:

“I approached him in a humble spirit: 
‘Mr. Edison, please tell me what laboratory rules
you want me to observe.’ 
And right then and there I got my first surprise. 
He spat in the middle of the floor and yelled out,
‘Hell! There ain’t no rules around here! We are tryin’ to accomplish somep’n!’”

— Martin Andre Rosanoff, in “Edison in His Laboratory,” Harper’s Magazine, 1932

Can a blog post for a paper company also elicit a tear?

Should it? Can a business blog put forth a little humor? What if an article about tea bags also provokes contemplation about art itself? “We tend to focus all our energies on our business features,” says Jim Joseph in Entrepreneur, “from pricing to product claims to timetables. But it’s not the facts that set you apart. The rational elements of your business do little to differentiate you from your competition. They also don’t help you form a relationship with your customers.” 


Feel These Words

The strongest content marketing strategies include behind-the-scenes brilliance.

In letting informative articles and well-woven stories take the show, content can go to work both entertaining and informing while also building resilient, loyal relationships (almost) unnoticed, as intended.


Topics include (though are not limited to)

  • Travel and tourism

  • Lifestyle

  • Parenting/family

  • Arts and entertainment

  • General business

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Manufacturing (paper industry)

Industry Expertise

  • Branded content feature articles

  • Blog posts

  • Website text (Home, About, Services, etc.)

  • Infographics

  • White papers

  • Newsletters, internal and external

  • e-Books



"CoWorking" - MUSE, a publication of Central Michigan Research Corporation (CMURC)
Experts weigh in on benefits associated with co-working spaces. 

"The Art of a Teabag" - Beyond Paper, a publication of Glatfelter
Paper manufacturing. A closer look at teabags, and an artist who reimagines them. 

"Layers of Love" - Beyond Paper, a publication of Glatfelter
Memoir-style writing about wallpaper, told through a letter from grandmother to granddaughter. 

WEBSITE CONTENT – Arrow Strategies, talent acquisition client with The F.P.Horak Company: Solutions, Talents, Culture, Insights, About – Development project of Shaheen Development, client with The F. P.Horak Company: Live, Work, Play, About, Development Kit– Modern Craft Wine Company: Mixperience Rooms – Development project with Innovative Media + Design: Home, Development Team, Our Location, History of Mill End, Features


"Magnificent Ships and Insider Tips" – Go Great Lakes Bay Region CVB.
Inviting tourism, regarding Tall Ships Celebration in the port of Bay City, Michigan.

“Encapsulate Infinite Possibilities” – Glatfelter, a global supplier of specialty papers and engineered products.
Introduces the topic of microencapsulation in a relatable way. 

"5 Ways to Feel the Pure Michigan Lake Effect When You Go Great” – Go Great Lakes Bay Region CVB.
Inviting regional tourism, regarding water-fun and recreational opportunities.

"Prove It." – Glatfelter, global supplier of specialty papers and engineered products.
Creatively highlights the importance of invoice papers (carbonless) to the service industry.

“Have It Your Way” – Glatfelter, a global supplier of specialty papers and engineered products.
Connects readers to the benefits of customized, variable data printing.

*For samples relevant to a specific style and/or subject matter, contact Jen.