This thing called business ownership can get a little overwhelming.

And that’s a little bit of an understatement, right? Right.



Dig deeper, soul-stretch, and gain know-how.  

Take honest help from a Soulful copywriter (who's been in this industry for nearly a decade). I work to provide you calm through the chaos by writing about Individual elements that will help you strengthen your business.

Through bi-weekly emails & occasional FTW Blogs, I’ll share tips, tricks of the trade, and considerations on:

  • Website Copywriting

  • Staying sane through entrepreneurship & Feel These Words offerings

  • Email sequencing

  • Stories about business that you’ll identify with—we’re all in the same trenches

  • Sales pages

  • Piercing hearts with words & creating conversion through genuine connection

Start by looking the "Five FTW Face-downs for Business Growth" in the eye & learning to "L<3ve Your Sales Funnel", both gifts I offer to help in different ways. 

Feel These Words: Business ownership can be difficult, but it’s made better through solid connections, trusted souls, and creative know-how.

Welcome along.