JEN'S ZEN ~ Growth

Jen Zen Growth

For the first time ever, since 2013 when I started writing JEN’S ZEN and many of you began loyally reading and sharing via Facebook along the way (thank you), I’m offering the opportunity to receive JEN’S ZEN through email straight into your inbox!

Why? Here’s the deal:

  • Grrrr: Facebook has made it nearly impossible to reach you! Currently, only 7% of the people who seek to read and enjoy JEN’S ZEN can see it, and jumping through social media hoops has become trickier than I can keep up with. I’m both humbled and aggravated when I continually hear, “I didn’t see that JEN’S ZEN, hmmm. Did you share it? When did you share it?”  

  • Growth: I’m beyond honored that more people than my family, handful of friends and neighbor down the road enjoy reading JEN’S ZEN. Did you know that we, in this little community here, include folk in London, Australia and Canada, dads and moms in Michigan, both coasts of the U.S. and all throughout? It makes me blush, and reminds me why I write this with all of you.  

In the spirit of growth, and continuing to reach Parents far and wide who seek “Five minutes of Parental mental clarity” in JEN’S ZEN, this is the way to welcome us together. Please join me on this new adventure, and subscribe to Feel These Words: JEN’S ZEN in your inbox! There’s much to come, and you’ll always be the first to know.


Jen W. O'Deay