Q: Do you ghostwrite?
A:I do, and for whom I’ll never tell. Reach out.
Q: Why do you have web content links on your copywriting page?
A: This is an important question, often overlooked. What is asked:

I am a writer of this opinion: A website is a business’ most important asset, a global storefront and advertisement, first impression, lasting impression … websites are crucial.

The writing on one’s website — Home, About, Services pages — is also crucial, perhaps the single-most important aspect of a site. (Designers and programmers are flipping me the bird right now. Touché. There are multiple elements to an impeccable site.)

“But isn’t it called web content? We need web content. Can you write web content?”

Calm down, and yes. Terms get thrown about, the writing on one’s Home, About and Services pages is referred to as web content (though not to be confused with content writing in the form of blogs, articles and newsletters designed to bring folks to a site — nor to get caught up in content strategy, content marketing, multimedia content, or the catchphrase “Content is king” — that would be confusing), and, yes, I can write it: Web content, contact Jen.

But I am a writer of this opinion, also: When expertly done, the writing on one’s website is truthfully web copy. Both informing and persuading, while simultaneously beckoning action and building connection, web copy is ultimately what you need along with the writer who can deliver it.

Call it what you like, I look forward to writing it.

Q: Why do you write?
A: This is an important question, oft overlooked. What is asked:

What do you write? Can you deliver...? Can you tune in a target audience with data, create ROI? Are you familiar with long form, have you ever …? I once wrote a business newsletter on the topic of whether to work with independent contractors, and advised the audience to ask this question of the potential candidate: Why do you freelance? With one question, and in one answer, it will become clear if this person is entrepreneurially minded or horribly un-hirable, careless or calculated.

Feel These Words: I am the sole proprietor of a small business in which I deliver trusted, original writing. Please ask me this, though: Why do you write?

Good question to ask your potential writer. I write because I’m drawn to words, and people, and stories; I write because I recognize the power in precise wording. Over time, I’ve delivered copywriting for global corporations to press kits for small, quirky start-ups, articles for magazines to blocks of copy for mailers in three-touch marketing campaigns. My favored assignments?

+ Ahhh: Creative room.

+ Topics that lend themselves to an original voice, emotion, storytelling.

+ Nonprofit missions and passionate entrepreneurial endeavors; I love writing anything for you, furthering your relationship with your target audience. (Content, copywriting, web content to sales funnels, Reach out).

And, oh, so yes. Businesses looking for a writer who will go to bat for your brand and enjoys wielding words like weapons of mass connection, aka. copywriting.

At the core, I write to assist, to help, to propel.

I write to connect.

My turn: Why do you need a writer?

Q: What do you charge?
A: Cutting right to the chase, eh? (I graduated from Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the land of the Finnish, pasties and bumper stickers reading, “Say Ya to Da U.P., Eh?”)

Long answer: Custom quoting. For a writer like myself, who delivers multiple styles of writing to varying clients, a $1/word rate may work for editorial feature articles, but makes no sense toward a three-word tagline (where your ROI will skyrocket over $3, eh?).

Short answer: Please visit my Work With Me page for baseline pricing and a curated selection of writing services. If you don't see what you're looking for, please fill out the short contact form for a custom quote and I’ll email you. Good deal.