What do you believe?

I believe About pages are my favorite section of any website, both to read and to write. Welcome.

I believe music is essential, as are the artists I refer to as my Bobs: Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Bob Seger. (’Tis true, no?)

I believe in my children, and that I found both grit and grace when my daughter was born and inner strength I didn’t know I had when twins followed four years later. And I believe that step-parenting for more than 15 years is a journey I’m lucky to be taking, as is marriage. I write about it all, here in JEN’S ZEN

I believe in passionate nonprofit missions, entrepreneurial endeavors and businesses that aim to excel both in profit and people — and I believe deeply that words are their most powerful resource.

“So, what do you write?”

She asked me, an acquaintance made at a social event for a local magazine. 

Feature articles,” I replied, “magazines, newspapers.” 

Back in college, while some of my journalism classmates were called to news beats, I was lured to stories, writing about what lingered between the lines and learning to interview while noticing the nuances. With a degree in English writing, I worked as a feature writer for newspapers and freelanced for magazines.

“I’m always looking for good writers,” she continued. “I’m a designer. Can you write marketing copy, web content?” 

Now, had it not been a time circa 2011 when features were being canned as quickly as printed newspapers themselves—and had I not very recently sat in the office of a newspaper editor for whom I freelanced, as he analyzed data and open rates, muttering, “Features are dead, Jen,”—I might not have replied, “Perhaps.”

But I did. 

And it turns out, I do.

Looking for ROI? Hire Jen. Period. Our clients’ needs range from web content and blogs to taglines and marketing material copy. Jen has a keen ability to deliver messaging that speaks directly to the audience, and to produce the action required. We consider her an asset to our company.
— Marisa Horak Belotti, chief strategy officer at The F.P.Horak Company

Delving into the world of marketing, branding and business writing – note: I’m a writer; research is the very air I breathe. To study call-to-actions and taglines without digging deeper into the psychology behind buying or the conscious and unconscious effects of precise wording simply would not suit me – my expertise grew. Web copy and marketing material now grace my portfolio. Blogs for businesses and content articles for custom publications now join assigned topics from lifestyle magazine editors, and a later-found passion for business writing burns alongside my first love of a well-written feature.

Jen’s the writer to contact when you need creative magic. Not only is she an extremely skilled writer, but she’s trustworthy, professionally and personally. Jen delivers the results IMD seeks, on time and on brand.
— Kate Cardinali, owner of Innovative Media + Design

All website photography by Tatum: http://www.tatumolson.com/

All website photography by Tatum: http://www.tatumolson.com/

Feel These Words

Bob Wainwright, another of my Bobs (and surely the most essential — my dad) and an English teacher who ultimately retired president of a nonprofit organization, said to me: 

“Business has always been, to me, like, ‘I need this done. Can you do it?’”


If you sense that the crux of what you need is creative, effective connection, and you seek an experienced writer with a solid base in journalism, ethics, word counts and deadlines — who can also whip out mean marketing copy, web content and maybe a jaw-dropping billboard ad — then, yes, I can do it.

Jen W. O’Deay, writer.

Nice to meet you.